BodymindSoul Festival

29 nov-1 Dec 2019 – BodymindSoul Festival is one of the largest event organize by The Golden Space. As part of Ecopartner collaboration with The Golden Space, we’ve been given sponsored booth worth RM5000. This three days event includes, 50 booth showcase includes Booth showcase by Yayasan Petronas, Nissan, UrbanFarm, GreenLiving, S.A.H.A.B.A.T, Evergic, Pulse by Prudential, Norwex, National Kidney Foundation, nd many more. Also, a series of interactive talks, performance and paid workshops which promotes sustainability living and spiritual wellness for body mind and soul were conducted. It’s the annual festival with this time being the biggest held in Asia that combines spirituality and technology. For the last day, 1111 participants participate in indoor yoga meditation by master Amesh
We manage introduce iCycle contribution towards sustainability and promote new member registration. We as well manage to collect recyclables from the events mainly plastics and boxes where we put 18 recycling cupboard bins scattered around the exhibition hall and foyer. The bins attract participants to know more about iCycle systems, Phinonic Apps and operations thus we being able to distribute barcode to the new member.

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Plugging at Desa Jaya

15 February 2020 – As a part of environment preservation and to encourage Desa Jaya Community involvement in recycling activities, MPS Zon 24 Member Council


RTM Interview

On 6th February 2020 – Dr. Tan Chin Seong, CEO of iCYCLE Malaysia has been interviewed by RTM 1. The interview session mostly revolved about