Equity Crowd Funding

Let's be part of iCYCLE's success!

In line with iCYCLE’s expansion plan, we are inviting our members, clients,collaborators, business partners to come onboard with us through an Equity CrowdFunding (ECF) exercise, to be part of iCYCLE’s success story in makingsustainability business profitable.

iCYCLE is unlike other waste management company, we are a 3R (reduce, reuse,recycle) waste management company that have successfully cut down landfill andincinerators usage, and we have a full set of traceable data via iCYCLE’s patentediOWT app to proof!


  • Data Integrity
  • Sustaining the Sustainability
  • Presence Globally


Providing rel-time mobility solution that will enhance the sustainability.

In the upcoming 5 years, you will see us expanding our team to replicate our pastsuccesses in servicing municipal councils, corporate offices, retail operations andindustries, as a total solution provider of 3R waste management.You may learn more about us on https://www.icycle-global.com.

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iCYCLE's early successes

iCYCLE and our patented Internet Of Waste Things (iOWT)app had successfully enabled consumers, individualsand organizations to track, monitor and update theirperformance in their recycling activities. We bridge dataand community engagement to combine 3R, Internet OfWaste Things (iOWT), artificial intelligence (AI), big dataand block chain in our daily life.

By tackling and managing waste from Household and Industrial, Commercial andInstitutional (ICI) waste, we have been collaborating with international partners incontributing to community and environment both local and global market

iCYCLE enjoyed early success as a start-up under MMU Start-upscheme in 2018, which first formulated in May 2016. We havesuccessfully grown a start-up company into a profitable businesswith a spectrum of collaboration in the past 3 years, at the same time helping theworld to reduce CO2 emission by 271,771.19 kg, that is after successfully collecting,processing and recycling/upcycling/repurposing 891,856.64 tonnes of recyclablematerial, and our own patented iOWT app tracks and traces these data real time.


Governmental agencies/ local authorities




We are confident with our current aggressive sales lead and approaches, we would able to forecast our future growth. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to be part of us, as the investors in achieving our environmental and social mission.

ECF allows companies to raise funds from a large number of investors, many of whom are individuals through an online ECF platform by offering ordinary or preference shares to the Investors.

In return, the Investors will receive Offer Shares and may expect a return in the form of dividends and/or profits if the Issuer performs well.

ECF allows Investors to own certain shares in a company, where such opportunity was previously only made available to institutional investors such as Angel Investors or venture capital firms.

Yes. The Securities Commission of Malaysia (“SC”) has legalised such fund-raising method in Malaysia since 2015 but only ECF Platforms approved by the SC can host Issuers on their platforms publicly.

Organizer will perform the necessary due diligence to ensure that all disclosure documents lodged with us are verified and such documents will be made available to Investors through their ECF Platform.

All the fund is directly deposited into trustee account under Organizer and only will release to issuer (iCYCLE) after the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) formed. All the investors will then form a LLP head by organizer’s representative.

Let’s work hand in hand together to create a better living environment for our future generations. Feel free to contact us any time, for more great opportunities and potential you may be interested in.  

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