Waste to Wealth at Mines Shopping Mall

Jom Rakyat Malaysia Kitar Semula Plugathon 2019
March 3, 2020
IIB CSR Saving Paradise: International Coastal Cleanup event at Pulau Pemanggil Johor by Iskandar Investment Berhad
March 9, 2020

11 November 2019 – As part of iCYCLE awareness program to the community, the upcycling event title ‘Waste to Wealth’ was held in The Mines Shopping Mall. Upcycling is the process converting used item into creative and usable item. The upcycling project was to convert old phone case into hanging ornaments. The event get positive contributions from the mall visitor especially the childrens. This activity potrays their creativity to decorate this old phone case with the paints and decorative materials provided by iCYCLE and they can bring home too the end product to be kept and give as gift to other. Another activities is the food enzyme demo to teach how the citrus skin can be preserve as cleaning agent.